If you are thinking about buying a built-in microwave oven, then you probably need it not just for cooking and heating food, but in order to create a unique interior for your kitchen and emphasize your delicate taste. Built-in appliances are the first step towards this goal, because the design and, possibly, even the color of the kitchen set depends on it. In this article we will show you how to choose a built-in microwave oven that suits your needs and ideas about modern design. Find more at the

Types of built-in microwave ovens

Microwaves are divided into three types according to the heating method:

— built-in with microwaves;

— built-in with a grill (heating element or quartz);

— built-in with grill and convection.

Built-in ovens with microwaves are the so-called «solo» ovens, the simplest of the existing ones. This type of device is worth looking at for those who do not plan to create culinary delights with the help of a «microwave», but will use it to heat dishes or defrost food. The built-in microwave oven with grill is an excellent purchase for lovers of crispy crust on ready-made meals (appetizing chicken or fried golden steak). And such a «tasty» effect is achieved precisely due to the built-in heating element of the grill, which is of two types:

— The heating element is usually located in the upper part of the workspace, and in some cases there are two of them (the other is also located in the lower part to ensure uniform frying of the dish);

— quartz is also located at the top of the chamber, like a built-in oven, but takes up much less space than a heating element. Thanks to this, it was possible to increase the usable working space of the camera. Models with a quartz grill «accelerate» faster to their maximum power and are unpretentious to use. That is why the cost of such ovens is higher in comparison with devices with a heating element grill.

Built-in ovens with a grill and convection will be a godsend for true craftswomen and artisans who are ready to amaze their loved ones with culinary masterpieces. You can not only fry cutlets, but also bake. Your delicious, golden-brown tarts will bake evenly. Thanks to the convection function, hot air is mixed throughout the chamber and the temperature is evenly distributed.

Overall dimensions

As we have already said, an important nuance is that built-in appliances, including a built-in microwave oven, are bought even before the layout of the kitchen set. Draw a plan for your dream kitchen and carefully consider the location and size of the built-in appliances, and only then move on to the furniture. Depending on your preferences and, of course, other characteristics of the device, you can find ovens of different sizes.


Of course, the most important characteristic that we pay attention to when choosing a built-in oven is the power, which, on average, ranges from 700 W to 1200 W. The duration of cooking or defrosting the dish directly depends on it. For the greatest convenience, all models are equipped with a power adjustment function. This allows you to choose the most optimal mode for cooking a particular dish, depending on its ingredients. Do not forget to also monitor the power of the device when working in other modes — grill or convection, as well as in joint — it can be up to 3500 watts. Therefore, if you have old electrical wiring in your home, consult a professional electrician before installing equipment with very high electrical loads.

Chamber volume

This is one of the important parameters to consider when choosing a built-in oven. For a person who has not yet started a family, or for a young couple, a device with a volume of 16-20 liters is suitable. In this case, we recommend that you take a closer look at the Samsung FW77SSTR with a volume of 20 liters. It is quite enough to warm up and cook meals for two. A family of 3-4 people already needs a bigger oven — 23-35 liters (depending on the frequency of cooking and appetite). An excellent option would be the Bauknecht EMCCE 8138 PT built-in oven with a volume of 31 liters. And for a large or very hospitable family, a very voluminous model is needed, for example, the Bauknecht EMCHD 8145 SW with a working chamber volume of 40 liters. We are sure that your family will appreciate the dishes cooked using the built-in oven, and your guests will come to you for pies more than once.

Additional benefits

Many built-in microwave ovens use the so-called 1122152_2 inverter power control system like Siemens HF 25G5L2. Its essence lies in the fact that the element emitting microwaves does not work in fits and starts (that is, constantly turning on and off when necessary to heat or cook something), but constantly, smoothly adjusting the radiation power. This allows you not only to achieve complete heating of food, but also  to reduce energy consumption, reducing your bills for paying for it.

The convenience of use

It is very simple to set the time and set the required power in modern built-in ovens — they have push-button (like Samsung FW77SR-B) or touch control. The touch buttons are very easy to activate — a light touch of your finger is enough and the desired button will be activated. Pay particular attention to the coating of the microwave oven cavity. The most popular is the bioceramic coating, which does not crack like plastic and does not scratch like steel. And in order to clean it after cooking, you just need a couple of strokes with a damp cloth, and it will shine again like new.

How to choose a built-in microwave oven? Brief summary:

As we found out, despite the abundance of characteristics of the built-in microwave oven, choosing the right device for you is not difficult at all. To do this, you need to pay attention to the following parameters: heating method, dimensions, power, chamber volume, additional advantages, ease of use. The type of oven by heating method depends on what you will use the device for. The number of family members affects the power and volume, but the dimensions depend on personal preferences and capabilities. Please note that the selection and installation of built-in appliances is the very first stage in setting up a kitchen. The built-in microwave oven is an important step towards your exclusive kitchen. After all, it was created not only to help you with the housework, but also to surprise you and your guests with its unique style every day.

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